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This Community is here to help you and your customers increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Through Dynamic Communities, you have access to tools that help you elevate your brand and accelerate your success. You can reach out to your customers directly and educate them about the value of the Dynamic Community User Group. The result: increased sales revenue for you—and higher satisfaction for your customers.


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Gain Exposure

Expand your professional network by displaying your expertise to the community through the discussion forums, virtual presentations or at your local user group meeting.

Customers who are members are 33% more likely

Expand Your Business Opportunity

Grow your customer base by exposing your organization to your target audience through sponsorship, ads, events and the partner directory. Check out our 2020 events


Advance Your Professional Development

Whether it’s sharing your product knowledge or increasing it, being a part of the community plays a big role in job satisfaction and professional development for you, your staff and your clients.


Dynamic Communities partners and customers benefit from user groups together.


User Group members generate higher revenue. In fact, the average billings for members is 2.9x that of non-members.

Customers who are members are 33% more likely

User Group members upgrade more frequently. Customers who are members are 33% more likely to be on a recent version.

Net promoter scores are 24% higher

Participating in User Groups creates satisfied customers. The average Net Promoter Score of customers involved in the user groups are 24% higher than those not involved.


As a partner, being a member of a user group gives us access to all of the forums, all of the tools that we need to help our customers also to help our consultants really understand what the users are thinking what they're asking what they need, and that helps us to be better partners.”

– Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Inc

Julie McMillinRachel Profitt, Microsoft MVP

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